On the road.

You might say it happened by accident. Too many accidents, in fact. Back in 1973, a well-traveled salesman by the name of Richard Peck noticed an alarming number of dogs roaming along the road. Many of them ended up hit by cars. As an animal lover, Mr. Peck was troubled by this trend. So, he resolved to find a way to protect family pets from the dangers that came from leaving home.

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    The result? The world’s first electronic pet containment system. As the founder of Invisible Fence® Brand, Richard Peck did more than create an effective and affordable alternative to traditional fencing; he changed the way people live with their pets. Now, more than 40 years later, Invisible Fence® Brand remains the industry leader, pioneering advanced technology and innovative solutions. But no matter what changes, we’ll always stay true to the original vision of that traveling salesman in 1973.

    Because when it comes to improving the lives of pets and their people, it’s never a job. It’s a labor of love.

Beyond the fence.

There’s more to Invisible Fence® Brand than our unique name. Take a look at where we’ve come from, and where we’re headed. And find out how our history of passionate innovation can make a difference for you and your pet.


Traveling salesman Richard Peck partners with electronic engineer to patent the first electronic dog fence. The package attaches to the dog’s collar, and is about the size of a deck of cards.


Research studies at University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine prove the new system to be safe, gentle and effective for animals, with no short- or long-term adverse effects.

Fifty systems are sold the first year. They’re promoted by nationally distributed magazines Dogs and Dog Fancy.


The collar unit shrinks from 13 oz. to 3 oz.—making Invisible Fence® Brand an option for smaller dogs and cats.


The first Invisible Fence® Brand dealership is established. Over the next several years, 13 dealerships take root from Washington, DC, north along the East Coast and eventually in California and Green Bay, Wisconsin.


The company achieves more than a dozen patents that continue improving technology and effectiveness. More than 17,000 Invisible Fence® Brand systems are installed.


Invisible Fence® Brand consults leading animal behaviorists, veterinarians and dog trainers. As a result, certified training becomes a vital part of the pet containment solution.


Invisible Fence® Brand introduces the world’s first indoor avoidance solutions, protecting dogs and cats from hazards and temptations inside the home.


Invisible Fence® Brand becomes part of Radio Systems® Corporation, based in Knoxville, Tennessee. This partnership allows for even greater product innovation and technology leadership.


Invisible Fence® Brand celebrates 40 years of caring for pets and their owners. Proudly introduces the world’s most advanced pet fence, featuring wire-free GPS containment technology that allows for any shape or size boundaries.


Invisible Fence® Brand grows to 289 dealerships across 7 countries. Every member of the Invisible Fence® Brand family pledges to uphold the founder’s original vision—to improve the way people live with their pets.


Invisible Fence® Brand’s exclusive Boundary Plus® pet fence technology is rated one of the best in the underground pet-containment category.

Looking forward.

These days, Invisible Fence® Brand is every bit as passionate about the well-being of pets as we were when our founder created the world’s first dog fence. And it’s that commitment that keeps us going and growing. You’ll see it as we continue to pioneer powerful, industry-changing solutions. You’ll see it in our ongoing Shelter to Forever Home Program. You’ll see it in the expert care you and your pet get from your neighborhood Invisible Fence® Brand dealer. Most of all, though, you’ll see that commitment in the new worry-free way you enjoy your pet’s companionship. The way we look at it, nothing could be more revolutionary—or more wag-worthy—than that.

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